Such as microRNAs are known.

– She goes on:.. Breast Cancer – For Proper diagnostic biopsy should are analyzed several tumor areasCertain deliver short strands of RNA, such as microRNAs are known, the progression and metastasis of breast cancer have been linked to and can provide information about the prognosis. However, studies of miRNA expression profiles often report conflicting results. While the potential for the use of miRNAs in breast cancer diagnosis is promising, researchers report in a new study published online today in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, that differences in the nature and amount of miRNA in breast tumors may be misleading.

MiRNA using for diagnosis or prognosis requires sampling at several different tumor sites and more tumor – involved lymph nodes.?. Were also taken from lymph nodes when metastases were present, the expression of four miRNAs and four control genes assessed.. Is simplified to define However, under a single individual treatment tumor biopsy and probably we have to consider the heterogeneity of tumors associated We found significant differences in the expression of miRNAs with breast cancer.Finally, due to widespread corruption and dishonesty in clinical studies pharmaceutical companies pharmaceutical companies, these clinical trials be financed whole or part to drug companies cash. U.S. Citizens research have to join of really independent sources as a government institution or one university no financial binding to the vaccine companies. This is not be a satire or a parody tale – The $ 10,000 reward scientific detection of H1N1 vaccine safety and effectiveness of all seriousness in all seriousness. Offer valid to the 31st March 2010.

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