The balance of the new parliament offers a opportunity for control läsa.

‘The balance of the new parliament offers a opportunity for control, Dr. Paulreview and advice with which to get the government to the urgent business of improving the health system in a way that will reflect a broader community perspective, Pesce said. AMA Vice President, Dr Steve Hambleton and AMA NT President Dr läsa . Paul Bauert, are currently traveling around the Northern Territory to visit hospitals and health services and meetings with local health providers and NGOs as research for the AMA Indigenous Health Report Card 2010, released.

‘we will be talking to the government to invest more hospital beds, decision-makingn involvement in hospital decision-making, more support for the general practice, the need to move to a single donor to the health care system, and we are urging the government to reconsider its plan for the care of people with diabetes. – ‘While we support the general direction of the health reform process and continues to do so, we will try to make changes to policy that do not in the in the best interest of patients, communities or the medical profession. ‘The AMA hard for hard for a greater focus on rural health and indigenous health and it looks like as a result of the makeup of the new government by the central role of the rural independents occur. ‘We also welcome the Prime Minister’s stated objective for mental health is a priority in this legislative session , a similar commitment to aged care, in particular the provision of health care for older Australians is required.

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