The drugs are to treat for a variety of diseases kamagra espana receta medica.

The drugs are to treat for a variety of diseases, and comprehensive medical equipment, antibiotics, analgesics, antifungal agents, water purification tablets and dressings contain supplies among others kamagra espana receta medica . They all have been requested by the medical authorities in Haiti to ensure that they have maximum benefit.

Valorti a fully human monoclonal anti-toxin antibody, developed for the prevention and treatment of pulmonary anthrax. Preclinical studies suggest that Valorti have the potential to protect against anthrax infection when administered prophylactically and also may increase the survival, said: ‘ therapeutically has.

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The team also found that the Congo Red Dot Test might be used a marker for the evaluation misfolded proteins. The assay is based on a single red dye of, initial used to for Dyeing textiles, ie misfolded proteins is based adhered. Preeclampsia Buhimschi and her team at discovered that pre-eclampsia – – specific protein misfolding illness. In this new work, we have a relation between preeclampsia and any other disorders that see protein misfolding misfolded proteins such as Alzheimer and prion disease, said Buhimschi. This may the basis for novel therapeutic approaches in order to reduce the burden of this condition. .

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