The lateral occipital cortex is working alone.

Available available in order to provide a competitive advantage identifying objects that are part of an interaction, the lateral occipital cortex is working alone. Or at least. Without help from the intraparietal sulcus.

The key is to make the interacting objects , which process a scene more quickly than independent objects by corresponding author Irving Biederman, professor of psychology and computer science at the USC Dornsife College and the Harold W. Dornsife Chair in Neuroscience. – The study appears in the June 1 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.The findings, have been reported in Psychological Science, a magazine the Association for Psychological Science, that the volunteer that are not readers by the Chinese to Chinese characters view more holistic look cared, compared to native Chinese readers volunteers. The investigators hypothesized that the task of of reading Chinese characters carried that Chinese reader voluntary to improved seen certain components of characters . Not as clear and important in of the non-Chinese reader voluntary In the second experiment the Chinese volunteers demonstrated a predilection for the signs that occurred of two left sides.

Researchers have specific areas in brain exclusively to picking out faces among other objects we find identifies devoted. Holistic processed and left side of bias . Psychological help Janet H. Hsiao at the University of Hong Kong and Garrison W. Cottrell of University of California, San Diego was to test that these effects were specific to for facial recognition and when they help us identifying other objects as well..

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