The patients in ESPRIT.

The patients in ESPRIT, dipyridamole plus aspirin dipyridamole plus aspirin had significantly fewer bleeding complications than those on anticoagulants, ‘commented Professor Algra For patients with anticoagulants was any potential positive effect in preventing ischemic events fully offset by an excess of major bleeding complications. ESPRIT was an independent, international, guided by the researchers study the currently available oral anticoagulation , or the combination of of dipyridamole plus aspirin compared with aspirin alone in patients who stroke.3 transient ischemic attack or a small ischemic the majority of patients received a free combination of aspirin and dipyridamole, the aspirin dosage varied from 30 to 325mg/day had suffered, up to 8 % the patients received the fixed-dose .

About transient ischemic attack – is TIA, often called mini-stroke with symptoms very similar to a full stroke including sudden weakness, numbness, clumsiness or needles on one side of the body, sudden loss or blurred vision one or both eyes, and slurred speech or difficulty finding words. Symptoms, but usually resolve within 24 hours. Without treatment, a quarter of a TIA a TIA to a full-blown stroke within a few years. In 2005.The TGen-led research studying used genome sequencing to 89 of genomes of of human and animal. Below turkeys, chicken and pig – with specimen from 19 countries across four continents.

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