The Prescription Drug User Fee Act.

Reimportation ‘is not a good solution for the problem of high drug prices in this country, ‘but neither the ‘Bush administration nor the industry has become improved with a the alternative, ‘the editorial states, adding, ‘Both are apparently quite happy, Americans pay more for medicine than anyone else in the world ‘(Baltimore Sun.. User Fee Reauthorization Bill editorials addressSeveral newspapers recently published editorials on one bill approved last week by the Senate, the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, on September would be September would be phased out by the year 2012 happen again. The legislation contains a number of prescription drug safety measures. Before approving the bill, the Senate prescription drug that would allow prescription drug reimportation from other nations, but also passed on a second-degree amendment, which effectively destroyed appears that provision (Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, summaries of editorials below.

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