The process is also relatively slow

Many food processors use to measure a test called high-pressure liquid chromatography sweeteners for quality control. But it requires an instrument the size of a desk that costs tens of thousands of dollars and need to use a well-trained technician. The process is also relatively slow, and up to 30 minutes . The new sensor, however, is small, low cost, disposable, Meanwhile produced in about 2 minutes.

Sensor, which istongue ‘ with a taste for sweetsIn a new approach to an effective ‘electronic tongue ‘human taste human taste, scientists in Illinois are reporting development of of a small, inexpensive, lab-on – a-chip sensor that quickly and accurately identifies sweetness – one of the five primary tastes. It can determine with 100 % accuracy the full sweep of natural and artificial sweet substances, including 14 common sweeteners, using easy – to-read color markers. This sensory ‘sweet – tooth ‘shows special promise as a simple quality control that food processors can use to soda, beer soda, beer and other beverages, ensuring – with a consistent, predictable taste. Their study was published in the 238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society described.

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