The researchers analyzed the data of more than 11 million Medicare beneficiaries.

The researchers analyzed the data of more than 11 million Medicare beneficiaries, for any reason for some reason, in 1998 the hospital. The total number of hospitalizations reached roughly 13 million in 2008.

Calling the results informative and encouraging, Sachdev said the next step will be to determine why the hospitalizations falls for some conditions, and rising for others. Future research must also tease out which specific groups affected more or less, he said. This study deals with the whole country in a broad brush stroke, said Sachdev, who is also a researcher at Yale / Yale New Haven Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, where the study was conducted. Future studies in our group to go into racial and regional differences in health care to deepen. Our aim is to good quality health care and a moment later, all to ensure the United States, researchers found the results of the population only to an older to applied that Sachdev is said expects to double that in size in the next 15 years.O healthcare information technology project ‘able revolutionize the how healthcare managed ‘to which patients medical records coordinate notes. Reports: ‘ reports: ‘One pilot program serves writers 13 the range medical practices to do that convert for her patients the two-year program, support converted through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and Leawood – basis, including 13 primary schools. Family reviews practice and pediatric practices , and finished by the to the trial is, Blue Cross the manner in the way it compensates for changing to doctors ‘.. Two-year to pilot the program Use Electronic Medical Records To Care coordinates ofThis information has by with kind permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

‘. Proponents say patient care better and more efficiently when their family doctor, leading a team of other providers taking a lead to she rings through the health system. This system is also based on the adoption of electronic medical record about multiple doctors helping patients shares information and to reduce redundant tests or treatments. Bluecross officials said them of investing over $ 1 million in the project in coming two years ‘ were committed.

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