The researchers developed a way to co-opt pinocytosis

The technique requires a reliable the luminescent the luminescent terbium probe through a living cell membrane without contamination or damage of the cell . The researchers developed a way to co-opt pinocytosis, the process in small quantities in small quantities by the cells of the surrounding fluid. – ‘With this new tool, we hope cell biologists and others will be in a position not seen such not considered how interactions not visualized in living cells could be studied in real time, ‘Miller said. ‘Hopefully the process provide information that makes it easier to divert at biological mechanisms. ‘.

Working with Jerrold Turner, professor and associate head of pathology at the University of Chicago, Miller used a hybrid chemical / genetic approach to tag the proteins of interest. One of the proteins was genetically modified so that it bind to a terbium complex. The terbium complex has an unusually long time between light absorption and emission. The second target protein has been genetically modified in order to link to a fluorescent tag with a short emission lifetime. If the two proteins interact , the luminescence will be brought together generating a unique generating a unique luminescence, which can be viewed under a microscope. To coopt and colleagues modified a conventional microscope take advantage of the take advantage of the long life of the terbium protein tags. Pulsed light is used to trigger the luminescence of terbium, detected after the other luminescent species dark dark cells, so that undesired background the image.


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