The researchers examined 91 HCC tissues.

The researchers examined 91 HCC tissues, 60 matched non-tumor surrounding liver tissues , and 18 normal liver samples. They isolated total RNA derived complementary DNA and gene expression in each sample profile. They applied three independent approaches for data analysis subclasses of HCC and the underlying biological differences between the subclasses uncover.

Editorial: ‘A New Way of liver cancer show ‘Joseph Locker, Hepatology, September 2004, 40:3, pp. 521-523 Contact: Greenberg Greenberg, Wiley 201-748-6484.The study of more than 50,000 adults age 18 and above offer new molecular evidence to show that 11 DNA region of the human genome who no observed high association these diseases , including six regions far. The researchers also found that many of these DNA variant contribute for the two illnesses.

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