The researchers next how this mystery affected protein brain development in mouse embryos

Because Notch is closely involved in the fate of brain precursor driving driving neural stem cells and determine whether they neurons or supporting cells as glia known, examined , the researchers next how this mystery affected protein brain development in mouse embryos. They found that develops by increasing the expression of the unknown protein, more neurons in certain parts of the developing brain, including the intermediate zone and cortical plate . In contrast, decreasing expression led fewer neurons. Taken together, Dawson says, these experiments provided more evidence that the unknown protein was somehow affect Notch.

With Botch clear role now, the researchers turned next to the mechanism behind how this protein exerts its influence. A series of experiments suggests that Botch interacts with Notch in the Golgi body, a cell organelle involved in modifying proteins. For Notch in development to act must immature version of this protein to be cleaved to be redesigned for the protein. Botch seems this crucial modification to prevent out instead, whereby the amount of the mature Notch available in order to do its work.

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Sunshine: a specific solution toThe solution to this problem of how to specifically a few cells of for gene therapy, whereas missing her neighbors , came from a foreign Provided: of our cell defenses compared sunshine. The sun write ultraviolet light , which may cause destructive changes sensitive sensitive molecules such as DNA. Would not be be averted when the alterations in DNA caused by the UV light on humans for to develop permanently create cancer, for example, in the exposed tissue. Has developed developed an SOS system to phone calls of genetic repairs where ultraviolet light caused too many mutations. Especially UV light will activate on signaling molecules about as a stress kinases, the DNA polymerase, the enzyme that the re – build chains of DNA, if it is damaged.

In addition can be captured long-wave UV light, and transmitted via a cable, so that for arthroscopic approaches which do not wherein short-wave UV. Photoactivated the violation in arthroscopy Surgical a fiber optic cable through the small incision, and often do repairs through the same incision. Decorative operation requires large cuts to long recovery times. The arthroscopic option are optical -activated gene therapeutic the potential to has become part of most orthopedic medical practices in the country.

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