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Most people agree that the government health health risk takers ‘ freedom in order to protect the health of others, the with the lowest expectations , this can be seen as a disposal option. The research was conducted by Opinion Leader Research taken from the Putting health first program. Assisted by the Health Development Agency Joint chief executive of OLR Deborah Mattinson said that people found with higher health expectations already in the government messages in their everyday lives and were ‘much more willing to embrace new messages ‘, but for himself and not from a ‘civic duty. ‘.

To the center of the gender gap, the women four to five years longer than men, in spite of apparent equity in medical advances.I would like to take this opportunity with you with you some of the research projects that we is conductive in our section take emergency. Of the from the department name, we to do generally pain and palliative medicine. So these are the huge areas where we will research research.

And Pain it may acute pain or chronic pain. Inside chronic pain, Cancer Pain Relief or pain in cancer can be such as, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis. The nature of the studies we are may to do there with or not opioids, opioids. In general as a concept the other. Of a fault or used in either a fault or the other. What we do is, we will see what is the best boxes, what are the best drug combinations, which are the side effects, consistent with adverse events with the side effects.

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