Theontract research for industry.

About the Fraunhofer-GesellschaftThe Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organization for applied research in Europe, programs, theontract research for industry, services companies and the public sector. On behalf of clients in industry, it provides a fast, economical and immediately applicable solutions to technical and organizational problems. Under the European Union ‘s technology programs, the Fraunhofer Society is looking for industrial , technical solutions, technical solutions in order improve the involved competitiveness of European industry.

Robot autonomously autonomously in such places. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft contact with the flock via WLAN or Bluetooth. Leave leave the sensitive zones ‘.. The robots are so small and versatile as possible, ideally not by 50 by 50 by 50 cm. You will be with a motor and wheels, a trip computer, a wireless module, optical sensors, speakers, monitor, and cleaning tools provided to wipe off spills and disinfecting. ‘All of these components already exist.Coli – specific travelers’ diarrhea. For more information on Iomai , please visit.. OF Iomai CorporationIomai Corporation researches and develops vaccines and immune system stimulants, a novel supplied, referred to coniferous – free technology, transcutaneous immunization Tokyo Chemical. Zapft the unique benefits a big group of antigen – presenting cells of in the external layers the skin find , to produce an enhanced immune response. Iomai TCI use to evaluate the efficacy from existing vaccines increase, needle free new vaccines that are viable only transcutaneous managing and expand the global vaccine market. Iomai Board currently has four products candidates in development: targeting targeting flu and influenza pandemic and an E.

Securities and Exchange Commission, please See.. Several things in this news release the topics discussed provide.

forward-looking statements that are terms involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that deviate may cause actual results to differ materially or implies expressed or implied may be the forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements involve certain described in statement about the timing and the magnitude of the recruit of volunteers to trial contained in this release, Iomai Corporation ability enough information to obtain from this study to directly directly with injected influenza vaccines, the attributes of the Iomai needle-free influenza vaccine, and role of the Iomai needle-free flu vaccines in attaining public health immunization objectives.

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