They analyzed IGF-I-related genetic variations in 384 Ashkenazi Jewish centenarians read more.

Animal research had shown that mutations of genes in the IGF-I signaling pathway involved cause two effects: Affected animals have impaired growth but also longer life read more . So the Einstein scientists reasoned that altered signaling in this pathway could also influence human longevity. To find out, they analyzed IGF-I-related genetic variations in 384 Ashkenazi Jewish centenarians. And since plasma levels of IGF-I do not refer to their levels at a younger age, the researchers also at two other groups: the children of centenarians, and a control group consisting of Ashkenazi Jews the same age as the centenarians ‘ children but without a family history of longevity.

Dr. He and colleagues analyzed data from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey in the United Kingdom, more than 1,600 in 1997 in a nationally representative sample of more than 2,000 people between the ages of 4 and 18 years old. Among the participants more than 1,600 boys and girls salt and fluid intake were weighed recorded with a seven – day diet record of all food and beverages consumed on digital scales. – We found that children eating a lower – salt diet drank less fluid, said Dr. A heart -vascular Research Fellow at St. From our research, we estimated that 1 gram of salt cut from their daily diet reduce reduce fluid intake by 100 grams per day. .

Prof. Cardozo bought also ‘ vagina rejuvenation ‘ – the surgical repair of vaginal laxity, a common issue for women who have children. There is little evidence that a specific action symptoms and the best recommendation for an interdisciplinary team combines psychosexual advice , pelvic floor muscles are and improves the potential to study of topical estrogens. An operation can be only to work if unsuccessful.

Prof Cardozo determined that the most established vaginal cosmetic procedures reduction in labioplasty that is already requested for women primarily for two reasons. Emergency stop an aesthetic / discontent and / or physical discomfort , the evidence from existing case studies showing that the process no positive aesthetic result, but it is unclear whether there resolves feelings of mental distress and improving to sexual function. – Hymenoplasty became together with the problem that some women are ask the operating such that discussions took as virgins will appear to her wedding night, the question of whether the implementing of the procedure, the physician allows misogynistic myths regarding virginity still in demand There. Their wedding nightfew studies on Hymenoplasty published, but in the only reported case series, half of women according to after the wedding night, and all reported satisfactory results.

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