They do not need to slow things down.

The authors warn that any additions to computer programs can not be implemented at the expense of speed and efficiency – put simply, they do not need to slow things down.

Were approximately 190,000 physicians in the U.S. Last year after Surescripts e – prescribing – sending prescriptions directly to a pharmacy computer. C.he electronic prescribing were obtained hundreds of millions of dollars by the federal government in Medicare premiums.This study study included patients aged 40 years and older, and determines whether patients had been to a new diagnosis of COPD, Spirometers obtained in of the preceding 720 days. Are identified from of the 5 039 eligible patients have been identified only be 32 percent have obtain spirometry tests. In addition, only half of these patients obtained follow-up bronchodilator assays to verify their diagnosis. to distinguish COPD from other disorders, such as asthma, Spirometers in front and after the administration of drugs that widens the airways must be as measured, said Han.

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