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While wanting to better understand the exposure of rural Latin American communities to diseases harbored by bats, epidemiologists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stumbled upon an intriguing finding: eight people surviving in two tiny Peruvian villages may actually are suffering from antibodies against the rabies virus within local vampire bats without any prior vaccination or treatment for the infection vardenafil online denmark . This inhabitants study, the to begin its kind, may provide clues to better understand how incremental exposure to rabies may lead to better vaccines or monoclonal antibody drugs. The study suggests that humans face and develop antibodies against the virus without developing disease.

Hundreds of researches are being done to provide even more understanding for the techniques and substances found in the anti-aging medicine. Substances used in anti-aging medicine: Antioxidants: Antioxidants are considered one of the most famous substances used in anti-aging. They protect body cells from the dangerous substances known as free-radicals. Free of charge radicals are produced from different chemical substance reactions within our body and they accumulate causing destruction of the cells. The use of antioxidants in anti-aging is very easy, so in retrospect they are an efficient defense against growing older.

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