This study is enrolling patients.

The UVA study is the first step in determining if MR-guided focused ultrasound is a safe and effective treatment for ET and if it offers benefits that about current surgical options. This study is enrolling patients, patients 18 to 80 years old and completed trials of at least two ET tremor medications without success. Involved before and three months after treatment, patients assessed for general health, neurological status and tremor measurements. The study is also collecting data about all equipment / procedures associated with side effects that occur during the follow-up period..

During MR-guided focused ultrasound pulses were directed focused ultrasound waves through the scalp and skull to a targeted spot in the thalamus – a region deep in the brain may be an effective target for treating ET is known and other movement disorders. The patient received no anesthesia for the treatment and was able to a response to Elias and his team after each sonication. After treatment, he went out of the focused ultrasound suite reporting that the sonications were painless..At the annual congress at the annual meeting which American Public Health Association of Philadelphia and appearing at of the November issue American Journal of Public Health. That study was undertaken in collaboration with the Florida Department of Health.

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