UNICEF and the World Bank.

A Lancet editors review the results of the State of the World vaccines and Immunization report on Wednesday published by the wHO, UNICEF and the World Bank. ‘Vaccination is one of the great triumphs of medicine’but the joint report ‘makes it very clear that the immediate challenge in the sincerity lies the donor commitment to sustainable financing for immunization in developing countries to extend, and ‘resolve barriers barriers for poor governance, geographic isolation, or a conflict ‘in those countries, the editorial states .

Information on individual recipients is in the release . Source: Michael C. Purdy Washington University in St.. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently announced 76 grants of $ 100,000 each as part of the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative to fund the ideas to health is to be improved in developing countries. According to a Gates Foundation publication The grants support researchers in 16 countries with ideas as diverse as a developing country, an electronic nose to diagnose tuberculosis and using chocolate to help prevent malaria. The Foundation has received nearly 3,000 proposals for this round of grants.Elevated weight increases the risk on numerous health problems such as diabetes, hypertension , heart disease and stroke. For many overweight people diet and exercise plans who does not allowed them to For others weight loss. For other weight loss surgery has proved in helping you significant substantial excess weight. However, the established surgical procedures raise lifestyle constraints and adverse events and complications, many patients that wait for a better alternative departing from.

System system offering a patient-friendly solution we are do many people in the face weight loss surgery to find an attractive. ‘.. They willce receive CE certification for the abiliti System the treatment of obesity.

Additional, that novel system automatically when the patient eats, drinks and exercises. With one simple wireless connection, patients and physicians can see the consumption and the training data. Each year this critical information provides enormous advantage because it clinicians and patients be understood patient conduct and develop effective strategies for weight loss can.

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