Visual acuity is measured at different distances so students can comfortably and efficiently read

Check here are essential elements an optometrist during a comprehensive eye examination to ensure learning through through good vision. – Visual acuity is measured at different distances so students can comfortably and efficiently read, work on the computer and see the blackboard . – Concentration is an important skill that is tested. To concentrate on able to focus on a specific object and easily shift the focus from one object to another. This enables the child visual attention visual attention from a book to the blackboard and back.

To find an optometrist in your area, or for more information on children ‘s vision or the importance of back – to-school eye exams, please visit here.About the AOA teachers surveyThe survey was created and commissioned in conjunction with TNS. From 13 to 17 May 2010, using an online methodology, TNS interviewed 300 full – and part -time teachers for grades kindergarten through grade 8, 100 full – and part-time teachers for grades 9-12. All respondents were 18 years and older and embodied a nationally representative sample of full-and part-time teachers. . TNS is part of Kantar the world’s largest research, insight and consultancy network.

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