Which found first in a sample of U.

The study, which found first in a sample of U.S. Adolescents, that substance abuse disorders in adolescents significantly predicted young adult mortality. These deaths were linked to certain high-risk behaviors in adolescence, including Intoxicated driving and drug trafficking.

12 to 18, trafficking. – Alcohol or drugs are more likely to die young, finds Pitt StudyTeens who abuse drugs or alcohol are more likely to die in early adulthood, according to a study from the University of Pittsburgh researchers in the latest issue of the published Journal of Adolescent Health.If this legal prohibition were lifted, we have potential organ transplants about each HIV-infected graft candidates on waiting lists, says Dorry L. Associate professor of surgical from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and said senior study author. Instead rejecting the otherwise healthy members by HIV-infected people if they die, those institutions can be available HIV – positive candidates. .. British Medical Journal, BMA House,HIV-infected infected organs save a life?If the Congress conversely its ban that people with HIV about organ donors after their death, could some 500 HIV-positive kidney or kidney or liver failure annual to transplant in a few months , rather than the year she are currently waiting for the list, new Johns Hopkins research propose.

There is medical and safety issues that must be tackled. Doctors must ensure that which the removed organs that a transplant and that it. With minimal risk of infecting the the recipient a more aggressive strain of the virus There is also an concerns that a HIV-infected element could by mistake an HIV an HIV – adverse recipients. Segev said that hepatitis C. – infected organs clearly marked as such and similar protocols with HIV – infected organs to be developed.

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