While waiting for an effective vaccine online.

While waiting for an effective vaccine, experiences , as reported should now be considered by clinicians by clinicians, national and international organizations, policy makers, and all parties in the development of treatment guidelines, because the population at dimension of HAART might play an important role in the future control of the HIV epidemic. – ‘ Association of highly active antiretroviral therapy coverage, population viral load, and yearly new HIV diagnoses in British Columbia, Canada: a population-based study ‘Wood Prof Julio SG Montaner, MD, Viviane D Lima PhD, Rolando Barrios MD, Benita Yip, Evan MD, PhD, Thomas Kerr, Kate Shannon, PhD, P Richard Harrigan, PhD, Robert S Hogg, PhD, MD Patricia Daly, Perry Kendall MD The Lancet, Early Online Publication, July 2010 doi: 10 online .

Professor Montaner adds that this work and an earlier paper on this topic, that he and his team wrote helped telling us strategy to the new Treatment 2.0 initiative, the world for 15 million people with antiretroviral drugs can the call to be treated to slow the progression of HIV – AIDS symptoms – from which five million currently in treatment. This strategy would cost $ 26000000000 per year. Such a plan would innovations such as easy, safe and durable treatment schedules , and minimal laboratory controls.

This 114 – page handbook produced by the Inter-Agency Network for Education in an emergency and supported by UNICEF, aims to are sufficiently flexible quality of education during emergencies and has universal framework to guarantee the right to education for children impacted by the crisis. 2010 edition promote preparedness, response and rest. The time has also focused on the relationship between formation, disaster preparedness and conflict mitigation.

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