With improvements in survival rates for cancer.

With improvements in survival rates for cancer, has the determination the long-term risks of treatments like radiation therapy important. It is well known that radiation treatment is associated with a risk of developing a second cancer, but until now, the proportion of second cancers are related to radiotherapy was not known.

Notes u003c/ bru003e* 15 solid cancers that are routinely treated with radiotherapy analyzes, mouth and pharynx, pancreas, larynx, soft tissue, female breast, cervical, endometrial, prostate, eye and orbit, brain and central nervous system and thyroid gland.However, shown in lung cancer patients carried cost effective methodA relatively simple and cost effective method can be used to ascertain whether or not a patients with lung is a candidate for crizotinib therapeutic, in accordance to the August issue the Journal of Thoracic Oncology Research , published an official month journal of the International society for the Study lung cancer .

Averaging cancer patients with a ALK rearrangement who fine at crizotinib one ALK inhibitor currently in clinical trials. Fluorescent in situ hybridization was. As the gold standard procedure for detecting ALK rearrangement of – ‘However, FISH need a fluorescence microscope, and signals are unstable and surprising to time, ‘scientists written in the study , led by Jin – Haeng Chung, by of Seoul National University Bundang clinic South Korea.

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